Refab is our new record. Not long now…

Summer is most definitely over. We’ve been busy travelling in mind and body spending much time in the studio and on the road. Over the last 6 months, we’ve seen some beautiful corners of Europe from Istanbul to Suffolk, completed some new tracks and commissioned some brilliant remixes of ‘Fabiola’. And so the new album, to be released digitally on November 24th, is called Refab.

Order your copy or favourite tracks via ITUNES HERE

Special guests, musicians and remixers invited to partake include South London rapper Knytro, Indian Bollywood flautist Naveen Kumar, Croatian production duo Eddy & Dus, Brazil D & B producers Drumagick & Tranquilo Soundz, South African/Scottish house unit Prophets of the South and German beatmeister Pushin Wood.

Many of the original Da Lata family feature including vocalists Jandira Silva & Vanessa Freeman, Senegalese kora player Diabel Cissokho, former Smoke City co-collaborator Marc Brown, engineer and house music supremo Toni Economides and of course the Da Lata house band featuring Mike Patto, Ernie McKone, Finn Peters, Jason Yarde, Tristan Banks, Davide Giovannini and Carl Smith.

More info soon + details on a very special 7″ of a Hawaiian rare groover. Hold tight.

1 Da Lata – Deixa (Tranquilo Soundz Remix)
2 Da Lata – This is Not Your Job ( Da Lata House Mix)
3 Da Lata ft Knytro & Naveen Kumar – Um Amor A Mais (Funkee Remix)
4 Da Lata – Ronco Da Cuica (All-Stars Live Mix)
5 Da Lata – Unknown (Marc Lee Brown Remix)
6 Da Lata ft Vanessa Freeman – Free
7 Da Lata – N.Y.J (Dub)
8 Da Lata – Um Amor A Mais (Pushin’ Wood Soundsytem Remix)
9 Da Lata – The Shore (Toni Economides & Carl Smith Remix)
10 Da Lata – Unknown (Eddy & Dus Remix)
11 Da Lata – Deixa (Drumagick’s Sun n Bass Remix)
12 Da Lata – Um Amor A Mais (Prophets of the South Fundi Remix)
13 Wyza – Kwassa (Da Lata Remix)

Refab Packshot Low Res

New live dates announced in the UK

We’re well chuffed to be playing at this year’s London Jazz Festival on November 15th at the Hideaway. This is the launch for our new album ‘Refab’ and Patrick Forge will be DJing before and after the show.  A sweaty session at London’s Bussey Building (Dec 06) will follow and then onto Scotland for the first time in too many years – Celtic Connections in Glasgow (Jan 16). More info here.

Tickets for the London show are available now via the London Jazz Festival website



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New vinyl 12″ with remixes & live take of Ronco Da Cuica

New single is now available on 12″ with Drumagick remix available on digital download.

In anticipation of a new album to come out in November we have released a new single. ‘Deixa’ is remixed by Brazilian Drum n Bass producer Drumagick whilst ‘Unknown’ feat. Mayra Andrade has been remixed by Croatian production duo Eddy & Dus, their first production together in nearly 10 years. The vinyl also features that classic track Ronco Da Cuica reinterpreted by the Da Lata All-Stars.

A) Unknown (Eddy & Dus Remix)

B1) Deixa (Drumagick’s Sun n Bass Remix)

B2) Ronco Da Cuica (Da Lata All-stars Live Mix)

I Tunes

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‘Fabiola’ is well and truly available

Huge amounts of excitement as we look ahead into 2014. Fabiola, our first album in ten years, is out now on Agogo Records and has been released round the world including Europe, Japan and Australia/NZ.

We were honoured to have so many talents at our disposal –  our worldwide family never ceases to amaze. Guests include Mayra Andrade (Cape Verde), Miguel Atwood Ferguson (USA), Rich Medina (USA) Marcelo Janeci (Brazil) Luisa Maita (Brazil), Graveola (Brazil), Fabricio FBC (Brazil), Sacha Gabriel (Canada), Jason Yarde (UK), Finn Peters (UK) and Diabel Cissokho (Senegal) who have all helped craft a record with a raw and live approach fusing Afro-Brazilian influences with a dance-floor sensibility and our distinctly London attitude.

Order the album on I Tunes here or through the label to buy the CD or LP here. Or if you just want to check out some of the songs, use these streaming services: Spotify and Soundcloud.

Some critics say kind words…

“They haven’t lost their instinct for a killer groove…. at the heart of things is a cooking live band from a dream dance club” The Guardian

“Their best (album) yet” Metro 4/5

“An absorbing return…could well be their best yet” Songlines 4/5

“A real recommendation for anyone looking for new musical discoveries” Münchner Merkur

“Handmade Afro-Brazilian sounds with the awareness of the global dancefloor” WDR Funkhaus Europa

“Da Lata back on top form. Proper London tropicalia” Gilles Peterson



01. Um Amor A Mais feat. Luisa Maita

02. N.Y.J. feat. Diabel Cissokho

03. Places We Go feat. Dennis Rollins

04. Unknown feat. Mayra Andrade

05. Ronco Da Cuica feat. Jandira Silva & Pedro Martins

06. Monkeys And Anvils feat. Rich Medina

07. Deixa feat. Jandira Silva

08. The Shore feat. Sacha Gabriel

09. Cambara 41 feat. Marcelo Jeneci

10. Don’t Give It Up feat. Luiz Gabriel & Fabricio FBC

Shot by Gaetano Timpanaro

Shot by Gaetano Timpanaro

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Unknown feat. Mayra Andrade

The long awaited video for the lead single ‘Unknown’ has arrived.

The “Unknown” video was conceived by film-maker/ dancer/choreographer/ Wayne James. Featuring Da Lata’s Chris Franck, three dancers (Brian Beveridge, Iona Layland, Alexandra Katana ) and a small white T.V.; it’s an abstract journey that is as much about discovery as it loss, beginnings as much as endings. Taken from our album “Fabiola”, “Unknown” marries Mayra Andrade’s beguiling vocals to a brilliant string arrangement from Miguel Atwood-Ferguson; the most cinematic song on the album, it cried out for a visual interpretation. Sidestepping the clichés, there are no sunsets or open vistas, instead a dark and brooding atmosphere is conjured from the prosaic urban landscape and the evocative cyphers of dance and movement.


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Tropical garden with Chris from Da Lata, Luiz from Graveola and Tiao Dua

Recorded in the lush tropical climes of Wood Green this rendition of Da Lata’s “Don’t Give It Up” the unashamedly rock’n roll finale of Da Lata’s “Fabiola”, sees Chris Franck jamming the tune with Luiz Gabriel Lopes from Graveola, who sings it on the album. Chris and Luiz are joined by Luiz’s bandmates from Tiao Dua, his other project, three guitars and a pandeiro. This is a raw and refreshing alternative take on “Don’t Give It Up”, a hard times song that’s all about finding the strength to carry on in the music.

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